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About ShanghaiTex 2021.
The 20th International Exhibition on Textile Industry

Debuted in 1984, The International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex) is a biennial event recognized as the best congregation place of industry professionals and the ultimate trading and technology exchange platform in the textile industry.

ShanghaiTex 2021 will be held from 23-25 Nov in the form of hybrid show, "Textech Inno Week", with online and physical activities. Exhibitors can release new technologies and conduct business matching on the websites of ShanghaiTex and Textech Galaxy. Physical concurrent events with the 5 innovation themes will also be held in Shanghai.

Gathering Textile & Fashion Innovation
Leading the Change . Inspiring the Future

ShanghaiTex 2021 is a high quality platform for future textile & fashion trends and innovations. Under the theme of "Smarter Textile . Better Life", ShanghaiTex continues to bring top-notched technology from cross-border industries where textile applications and innovative designs can be drawn into reality.


Vision To Become World's no.1 Textech Forward Runner

Mission Gathering Textile & Fashion Innovation
Leading the Change . Inspiring the Future


Betterment of

Textile and fashion are closely related to daily lives, we believe technology changes life and position textiles and fashion as "lifestyles" - promoting technological innovation and betterment of lifestyle is our mission.


We import new technologies from outside the box to create blue ocean business with the textile and fashion industry - cross-border opportunities for matching textile applications with innovative ideas

Connecting Traditions
with Innovations

We advocate Industry 4.0, smart technology, design and connecting traditions with innovations to ignite future opportunities in the industry since our debut in 1984.

Seize the Present.
Inspire the Future

Seize the Present: We are an one-stop sourcing platform to meet bottleneck solutions and equipment procurement needs.

Inspire the Future: We are committed to organizing diverse, industry-leading concurrent events which traditional & new idea and element are mixed to inspire enterprises.

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