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C. Sourcing Requirements & Budget
C.1 Equipment/ Materials that you are interested to source (Select at most 5 items)*
1. Spinning Machinery and Twisting Machines for Natural and Man Made Fibres, Wadding, Felting and Hat-Making Machines, Non Woven Fabric Machinery, Cordage and Rope-Making Machinery
  1.1 Preparatory Machinery for Cotton Spinning Systems
    1.1.1 Gins
    1.1.2 Baling presses
    1.1.3 Bale breakers, bale pluckers
    1.1.4 Blow room machinery
    1.1.5 Blending hoppers
    1.1.6 Automatic feeding devices for carding machines
    1.1.7 Carding machines
    1.1.8 Drawing frames
    1.1.9 Sliver lap machines
    1.1.10 Combing machines
    1.1.11 Speed frames
    1.1.12 Covering machines
    1.1.13 Other preparatory machines
  1.2 Preparatory Machinery for Worsted, Semi-Worsted or Woolen Spinning Systems
    1.2.1 Wool bale brakers
    1.2.2 Wool washing lines
    1.2.3 Willowing machinery and teasers, garnett machines
    1.2.4 Waste reclamation lines
    1.2.5 Carding machines
    1.2.6 Auto-feeder
    1.2.7 Draw frames
    1.2.8 Combing machines
    1.2.9 Back washing machines
    1.2.10 Flyer frames for worsted yarn
    1.2.11 Other preparatory machines for semi-worsted and woolen spinning systems
    1.2.12 Other preparatory machines for worsted spinning systems
  1.3 Preparatory Machinery for Bast Fibres Spinning Systems
    1.3.1 Preparing machines
    1.3.2 Carding machines
    1.3.3 Draw frames
  1.4 Machinery for the Production of Man-Made Filaments and Fibres and for Filaments Treatment
    1.4.1 Extruders
    1.4.2 Winding on or take up units
    1.4.3 Draw twisters
    1.4.4 Staple fibre cutting machines
    1.4.5 Converters
    1.4.6 Synthetic tape producing machines
    1.4.7 Polymer filter/elements/fibermets
    1.4.8 Other machinery for treatment of filaments
    1.4.9 Other machines for spinning man-made fibres
  1.5 Spinning Machinery
    1.5.1 Ring-spinning frames for cotton spinning system
    1.5.2 Ring-spinning frames for worsted spinning system
    1.5.3 Ring-spinning frames for semi-worsted spinning system
    1.5.4 Ring-spinning frames for woollen spinning system
    1.5.5 Ring-spinning frames for bast fibres spinning
    1.5.6 Ring-spinning frames for direct spinning
    1.5.7 Ring-spinning frames for other spinning processes
    1.5.8 Rotor spinning frames
    1.5.9 Flyer spinning frames
    1.5.10 Friction spinning machines
    1.5.11 Hollow spindle spinning machines
    1.5.12 Fancy yarn spinning machines
    1.5.13 Air jet spinning machine
    1.5.14 Other spinning machines
  1.6 Winding and Reeling Machinery
    1.6.1 Cone and cheese winders
    1.6.2 Precision cone and cheese winders
    1.6.3 Pirn winders
    1.6.4 Winding machines for tubular cops
    1.6.5 Doubling winders
    1.6.6 Card winding machines
    1.6.7 Other winding machines
    1.6.8 Other reeling machines
    1.6.9 Other reeling parts & accessories
  1.7 Texturing Machines
    1.7.1 False twisting machines
    1.7.2 Air texturing machines
    1.7.3 Bulking and crimping machines
    1.7.4 Other texturing machines
  1.8 Doubling and twisting machines
    1.8.1 Ring doubling and twisting frames
    1.8.2 Double twist frames
    1.8.3 Up-twisters
    1.8.4 Novelty twisters
    1.8.5 Multi-steps twisting machines
    1.8.6 Other doubling and twisting machines
    1.8.7 Double twist parts & accessories
  1.9 Cordage and rope making machinery
    1.9.1 Cordage and rope making machinery
  1.10 Machinery for Wadding, Felting, Hat-Making, Needle-Felting and Non-Woven Fabric
    1.10.1 Wadding machinery
    1.10.2 Felting machinery
    1.10.3 Lapping machines
    1.10.4 Needle felt looms
    1.10.5 Non-woven fabric lines (dry process)
    1.10.6 Non-woven fabric lines (wet process)
  1.11 Auxiliary Machinery for Spinning Mills
    1.11.1 Automatic doffing devices
    1.11.2 Card clothing and metallic card
    1.11.3 Wire mounting machines
    1.11.4 Card grinding machines
    1.11.5 Drafting roller grinding and covering machines
    1.11.6 Machines for weighing, packaging, labeling of yarns
    1.11.7 Steaming machines for yarns
    1.11.8 Other auxiliary machinery for spinning mills
2. Weaving Preparatory Machinery, Weaving Machinery, Tufting Machinery
  2.1 Weaving Preparatory and Auxiliary Machinery
    2.1.1 Creels
    2.1.2 Sectional warping machines
    2.1.3 Beam warping machines
    2.1.4 Beaming machines
    2.1.5 Sizing machines
    2.1.6 Drawing-in machines
    2.1.7 Warp tying machines
    2.1.8 Other weaving preparatory machines
  2.2 Loom
    2.2.1 Looms with projectile
    2.2.2 Air jet looms
    2.2.3 Water jet looms
    2.2.4 Rapier looms
    2.2.5 Multiphase looms
    2.2.6 Looms with shuttles
    2.2.7 Ribbon looms with shuttles
    2.2.8 Shuttleless ribbon looms
    2.2.9 Looms for light fabrics
    2.2.10 Looms for medium-heavy fabrics
  2.3 Looms for special purposes
    2.3.1 Looms for felts, filter, sail, cloth, woven belting, woven convey or belting
    2.3.2 Looms for plush, velvet
    2.3.3 Looms for moquettes and carpets
    2.3.4 Looms for jute, coir and other bast fibre fabrics
    2.3.5 Looms for terry weaving
    2.3.6 Looms for silk and rayon fabrics
    2.3.7 Looms for tyre cord weaving
    2.3.8 Looms for elastic fabrics
    2.3.9 Looms for sample weaving
    2.3.10 Jacquard label weaving machine
  2.4 Shedding Machinery and Auxiliary Machinery
    2.4.1 Cam (opening) device
    2.4.2 Dobbies
    2.4.3 Jacquards
    2.4.4 Jacquards-card punching, repeating and lacing machines including computer aided devices
    2.4.5 Devices for woven name selvedges and false selvedges
    2.4.6 Other shedding machinery and auxiliary machinery
    2.4.7 Jacquard faucet
  2.5 Weaving Auxiliary Machinery and Additional Devices
    2.5.1 Weft accumulators
    2.5.2 Bobbins Strippers
    2.5.3 Equipment for loom automation
  2.6 Tufting Machinery
    2.6.1 Table model and hand tufting machines
    2.6.2 Tufting machine
3. Knitting & Hosiery Machines
  3.1 Preparatory machinery for knitting and hosiery
    3.1.1 Warping machines
    3.1.2 Sectional warping machines
    3.1.3 Auxiliary machines for knitting
    3.1.4 Other preparatory machines for knitting
  3.2 Circular Knitting Machinery
    3.2.1 Single cylinder knitting machines, up to 165mm diameter
    3.2.2 Double cylinder knitting machines, up to 165mm diameter
    3.2.3 Knitting machines, over 165mm diameter
    3.2.4 Other circular knitting & hosiery machines
  3.3 Flat and Warp Knitting, Crochet Machinery
    3.3.1 Computerized flat knitting machines
    3.3.2 Flat knitting machines
    3.3.3 Hand-operated flat knitting machines
    3.3.4 Flat warp knitting machines
    3.3.5 Raschel looms
    3.3.6 Crochet machine
    3.3.7 Other Knitting & hosiery machines
4. Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing and Make-up Machinery
  4.1 Washing, Bleaching and Wet Treatment Machinery
    4.1.1 Crabbing machines, kier
    4.1.2 Desizing machines
    4.1.3 Bleaching apparatus and machines, discontinuous
    4.1.4 Bleaching plant for continuous operation
    4.1.5 Washing machines for yarn
    4.1.6 Full-width washing machines
    4.1.7 Fulling machines
    4.1.8 Carbonising machines for fabrics
    4.1.9 Mercerising machines for yarns
    4.1.10 Mercerising machines for fabrics
  4.2 Dyeing Machinery and Apparatus
    4.2.1 High temperature dyeing autoclaves
    4.2.2 Dyeing apparatus under atmospheric pressure
    4.2.3 Jet dyeing machines
    4.2.4 Dyeing tanks
    4.2.5 Padding mangles
    4.2.6 Dyeing jiggers
    4.2.7 Dyeing machines for hosiery
    4.2.8 Continuous dyeing plant
    4.2.9 Other dyeing machinery
  4.3 Printing Machinery
    4.3.1 Top printing machines
    4.3.2 Yarn printing machines including space dyeing
    4.3.3 Flat screen printing machines
    4.3.4 Rotary screen printing machines
    4.3.5 Heat transfer printing machines
    4.3.6 Roller printing machines
    4.3.7 Automated screen printing carriages
    4.3.8 Transfer printing calendars
    4.3.9 Ink jet printing machines for fabrics (for ink jet printing machines for garments and finished products)
    4.3.10 Other printing machinery
  4.4 Digital Printing Machinery
    4.4.1 Inkjet Printers: UV inks
    4.4.2 Inkjet Printers: Solvent inks
    4.4.3 Inkjet Printers: Water-based inks
    4.4.4 Inkjet Printers: Eco-solvent inks
    4.4.5 Inkjet Printers: Latex inks
    4.4.6 Inkjet Printers: Sublimation inks
    4.4.7 Inkjet Printers: Pigment inks
    4.4.8 Inkjet Plotters:
    4.4.9 Other inkjet printing machinery
  4.5 Water Extraction Machinery
    4.5.1 Roller squeezers
    4.5.2 Suction extractors
    4.5.3 Hydro-extractors
  4.6 Tentering and Drying Machinery
    4.6.1 Tentering and stentering machines
    4.6.2 Thermo-fixing machines
    4.6.3 Cylinder drying machines
    4.6.4 Felt calendars
    4.6.5 Tunnel dryers and drying chambers
    4.6.6 Drying conveyors
    4.6.7 Festoon dryers
    4.6.8 Hot flues
    4.6.9 Tensionless dryers
    4.6.10 Rapid package dryers
    4.6.11 Suction drum dryers
    4.6.12 Infrared dryers
    4.6.13 High frequency dryers
    4.6.14 Other drying machinery
  4.7 Finishing Machinery
    4.7.1 Damping machines
    4.7.2 Agers, steaming machines and apparatus
    4.7.3 Decatising machines
    4.7.4 Raising machines
    4.7.5 Shearing machines
    4.7.6 "Suede" finishing machines
    4.7.7 Cloth brushing machines
    4.7.8 Pile finishing machines
    4.7.9 Finish breaking machines
    4.7.10 Calenders
    4.7.11 Singeing machines for fabric
    4.7.12 Roller presses
    4.7.13 Cloth finishing presses
    4.7.14 Finishing machines for knitwear
    4.7.15 Machinery for shrinking and for compressive shrinking
    4.7.16 Polymerizers
    4.7.17 Padding and impregnating machines
    4.7.18 Coating machines, combining and laminating machines
    4.7.19 Degreasing and dry-cleaning machines
    4.7.20 Other machines for finishing
  4.8 Inspecting and Make-up Machinery
    4.8.1 Inspecting, folding, rolling and measuring machines for knitted fabrics
    4.8.2 Inspecting, folding, rolling and measuring machines for fabrics
    4.8.3 Other inspecting and making-up machines
  4.9 Auxiliary Machinery and Devices for Finishing
    4.9.1 Color mixing machines, color straining machines, emulsifying machines
    4.9.2 Roller engraving machines
    4.9.3 Grinding machines for shearing-blades & shearing-cylinders
    4.9.4 Other auxiliary machines for finishing
5. Textile Chemicals
  5.1 Dyes
  5.2 Auxiliaries
  5.3 Other Textile Chemicals
6. Other Textile Machinery
  6.1 Trimming machines
  6.2 Crochet galloon machines
  6.3 Fishnet machines
  6.4 Shuttle head embroidery machines
  6.5 Other cutting machines
7. Accessories for Textile Machinery
  7.1 Accessories for Spinning Machinery
    7.1.1 Spindles and parts
    7.1.2 Pins for spinning processes
    7.1.3 Needle rollers, flats, Cylinder
    7.1.4 Spiked lattices, lags
    7.1.5 Flexible card clothing
    7.1.6 Metallic card wire
    7.1.7 Flat belt and conveyor
    7.1.8 Roller
    7.1.9 Bearing, upper & lower roller bearing
    7.1.10 Cots, aprons
    7.1.11 Rings for ring-spinning and ring-doubling frames
    7.1.12 Bead and other handling tools
    7.1.13 Sliver tube
    7.1.14 Noisy metal tube
    7.1.15 Yarn and bobbin
    7.1.16 Tapes and hoses
    7.1.17 Drafting systems
    7.1.18 Spinnerets
    7.1.19 Godets
    7.1.20 Spinning pumps
    7.1.21 Other spinning machinery parts and accessories
    7.1.22 Timing belt (rollers)
  7.2 Accessories for Weaving Machinery
    7.2.1 Healds (wire, velvet)
    7.2.2 Reeds
    7.2.3 Heald frames, hardnesses
    7.2.4 Temples
    7.2.5 Warp stop motions
    7.2.6 Drop wires
    7.2.7 Weft stop motions
    7.2.8 Weft feelers
    7.2.9 Pickers and lug straps
    7.2.10 Rapier belt, head
    7.2.11 Shuttle
    7.2.12 Nozzle
    7.2.13 Nozzle tester
    7.2.14 Axis, texture axis
    7.2.15 Weft feeders
    7.2.16 Winding rollers
    7.2.17 Knotting machines
    7.2.18 Air speicer
    7.2.19 Reeding machine (rack)
    7.2.20 Solenoid valve
    7.2.21 Jacquard cards and other technical papers for weaving
    7.2.22 Pick counters
    7.2.23 Inspection machines
    7.2.24 Large outside volume
    7.2.25 Transportation vehicles
    7.2.26 Other parts for weaving machines
  7.3 Accessories for Knitting and Hosiery Machinery
    7.3.1 Needle
    7.3.2 Syringes
    7.3.3 Sectional beams
    7.3.4 Feed wheel units
    7.3.5 Patterning devices
    7.3.6 Other accessories and materials for knitting and hosiery machines
  7.4 Accessories for Finishing Machinery
    7.4.1 Shearing blades
    7.4.2 Dyeing spindles, dyeing tubes and cones
    7.4.3 Dye beams
    7.4.4 Tenter clips and pins
    7.4.5 Papers for transfer printing
    7.4.6 Printing rollers
    7.4.7 Card clothing for raising machines
    7.4.8 Stretching rollers
    7.4.9 Weft straightening devices
    7.4.10 Other parts for finishing machines
  7.5 Accessories for Other Textile Machinery
    7.5.1 Needles and knives for tufting machines
    7.5.2 Lace machines bobbins
    7.5.3 Thread-guides
    7.5.4 Slub catchers
    7.5.5 Porcelain accessories for textile machines
    7.5.6 Rollers cots
    7.5.7 Felt or fabric accessories for textile machines
    7.5.8 Leather strip for textile machines
    7.5.9 Other accessories for textile machines
8. Machinery for Making-Up Industry
  8.1 Cutting machines
  8.2 Sewing machines
  8.3 Fusing machines
  8.4 Quilting machines
  8.5 Linking machines
  8.6 Marking machines
  8.7 Sculpturing machines
  8.8 Pressing machines
  8.9 Label machines
  8.10 Knitting machines
  8.11 Piping machines
  8.12 Shuttle embroidery machines
  8.13 Single and multi-head embroidery machines
  8.14 Special embroidery machines
  8.15 Ultrasonic apparel machine
  8.16 Sewing needles
  8.17 Needle
  8.18 Other machinery, parts and accessories for making-up industry
9. Textile Testing and Measuring Equipment
  9.1 Textile testing and measuring equipment
  9.2 Conditioning apparatus for laboratory
  9.3 Hand hygroscopes
  9.4 Color measuring instrument
  9.5 Laboratory equipment for textile technology
  9.6 Laboratory equipment for textile chemistry
  9.7 Profiled fiber sorter
10. Pneumatic and Humidifying Equipment
  10.1 Travelling blowing and suction units for textile machines
  10.2 Dust extracting and collecting plant
  10.3 Exhaust air cleaning plant
  10.4 Air conditioning plant
  10.5 Air humidifying equipment
  10.6 Pneumatic conveyors
  10.7 Air compressor
11. Handling and Packing Equipment
  11.1 Automatic conveying and handling equipment
  11.2 Hand conveying equipment
  11.3 Packing, labeling and marking machines for fabrics, knitted fabrics, carpet
12. Equipment for Recycling and Pollution Control
  12.1 Equipment for liquid recycling
  12.2 Equipment for solid recycling
  12.3 Other related equipment
13. Electromechanical Equipment for The Textile Industry
  13.1 Automation equipment
  13.2 Electronics equipment
  13.3 Sensors
  13.4 Power equipment and controlling equipment
  13.5 Equipment and devices for control and maintenance
  13.6 Office management equipment and other mill management equipment
  13.7 Other related equipment, apparatus and products
14. Software for Design, Data Monitoring and Processing
  14.1 CAD for the spinning industry
  14.2 CAD for the weaving industry
  14.3 CAD for the knitting industry
  14.4 CAD for the dyeing, printing and finishing industry
  14.5 CAD for the embroidery and packaging industry
  14.6 CAM in the spinning industry
  14.7 CAM in the weaving industry
  14.8 CAM in the knitting industry
  14.9 CAM in the dyeing, printing and finishing industry
  14.10 CAM in the embroidery and make-up industry
  14.11 CIM in the spinning industry
  14.12 CIM in the weaving industry
  14.13 CIM in the knitting industry
  14.14 CIM in the dyeing, printing and finishing industry
  14.15 CIM in the embroidery and make-up industry
15. Others Products and Services
  15.1 Equipment and products for machinery and plant operations
  15.2 Engineering or consultant services
  15.3 Special services for manufacture of fibres, yarns, fabrics, knitted wear, nonwovens and other textiles
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Austria Pakistan
Bangladesh Singapore
France South Korea
Germany Spain
Hong Kong S.A.R. , China Sweden
India Switzerland
Israel Taiwan region, China
Italy Turkey
Japan United Kingdom
P R China United States of America
Other, please specify:
C.3 Proposed budget for purchasing product at the show (in US$) *
C.4 Expected Visit Day (Please select all that apply. We will arrange meetings mainly on the 1st & 2nd day of your visit)*
25 Nov, 2019 (Day1) AM PM Whole day
26 Nov, 2019 (Day2) AM PM Whole day
27 Nov, 2019 (Day3) AM PM Whole day
28 Nov, 2019 (Day4) Sorry, meeting will not be arranged on last day of the show.
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