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Innovative Spinning Technology gathered in “Spinning, Man-made Fibre & Techtextile Machinery Zone”
Publish Date: 2019/04/11

Along with the innovation and development of technology, the market of global smart textile and related research are growing substantially. Recently, a professor from the Nankai University has developed a green and pure silk “artificial muscle” that can automatically expand and contract by sensing humidity. This new type of "artificial muscle" can be used not only for the development of soft robots, but also for smart fabrics.

ShanghaiTex has been dedicated to exploring the cross-border innovation and the infinite possibilities of textile industry. As one of the 9 zones in the ShanghaiTex 2019, the “Spinning, Man-made Fibre & Techtextile Machinery Zone” will feature latest technologies in spinning and man-made fibre as well as smart production solutions for the development of new technologies in Zone E1 and E2. Don’t miss your opportunity to get ahead of the curve in the textile and fashion industry!

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