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Address: 绍兴袍江世纪城世纪东街57号1722室
Postal: 312000
Tel: 86-575-88202605
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Exhibit Product Description : *Individual temperature control for 18 dyepots. Each dyepot has its individual heater and temperature sensor.
*Design of precise liquid flow system cooperating with microcomputer control system can perform groups or individual temperature control.
*Strong magnetic power drives cylinder inside dyepot moving up and down.Dye liquid penetrates thru high pressure.
*Combining solid-state metal heat conduction system with high efficiency magnetic-levitated power system as well as microcomputer individual heating.
*Microcomputer controller has the function of USB storage to save and make backup of dyeing programs.
*Can equip with water cooling system and automatic dosing system. Each dyepot can equip with one or two individual dosing pumpsone or two chemicals.
*Energy saving ,environment protection, low liquid ratio, precision, high speed and high color matching rate.
*Multipurpose cylinder and wound yarn dyeing ate applied to stretching plain weave, knitting, non-woven fabric, spun, filamen
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