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Address: Donzdorfer Strasse 4 D-73079 Sssen Germany
Postal: -
Tel: 49-7162-150
Company Profile: Since its establishment in 1920, Suessen has been of great value for the spinning industry, providing an immeasurable number of innovations and developments with lasting effect and influence on the history of spinning. Some historic developments are the TwinDisc for OE-Rotor SpinBoxes, the SpinBoxes SE-Series for Autocoro Rotor Spinning Machines SE 7 SE 10, the HP-SpinSet for ring spinning machines and the EliTe®Compact Spinning System. Suessen makes considerable investments in continuous R&D, combined with applied research that is directly carried out at our customers mills. This ensures that we are able to further develop our technical and technological components in an uncompromising and resolute manner. In particular, we focus on universal applicability, improved yarn quality, increased service life, reduced maintenance and proven reliability in industrial application.
Product Info
Exhibit Product Description : 1.New EliTe®, the most utilized and versatile compact spinning system with innovative components further boosting higher productivity, better quality and lower operational costs.
2.COMPACTeasy, the new mechanical compacting solution for investment cost driven spinners. It is available for most common applications. COMPACTeasy is real compacting without additional energy required.
3.EliTe®Worsted, the pneumatic compact spinning system for worsted ring spinning machines.
4.HP 4080 Top Weighting Arm for roving machines, an improved design with slotted guide system of top rollers, Active Cradle for short staple fibers and easy height setting adjustment.
5.Premium Parts SOLIDRING B 188, a new type of SOLIDRING with a shorter and more aggressive saber tooth shape for improved yarn quality.
6.Premium Parts spinning components for semi-automatic rotor spinning machines; new steel and aluminum rotor cups, fluted and spiral navels to improve yarn quality and spinnability for low grade cotton
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