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Address: 112-19, SanDan-Ro, DanWon-Gu, AnSan-Si, GyeongGi-Do South Korea
Postal: -
Tel: 82-31-4956932-207
Company Profile: INSILICO is a chemical company involved in design, development, production, and sale of unique precision-chemical materials through R&D efforts for high efficiency and low cost based on fusion technology of IT and chemistry. We not only provide optimal solutions and services and continuously make self-innovation and R&D efforts to develop next-generation materials, but also strive to create blue oceans by suggesting innovative product lines to customers.
Product Info
Exhibit Product Description : With excellent technology and quality, we manufacture new functional microcapsules.
The efficacy of materials may be stably maintained by coating the functional components sensitive to the external environment with polymer or organic-inorganic composite. Please experience a diverse product group of functional microcapsules composed of ultrafine particles that may exert their efficacy according to the external environment!
Thermochromic dye causes the change of color by the heat-induced chemical structure change. Since it is very sensitive to the external environment, it is made as a microcapsule-type product for protection, increasing its repetitive durability.
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