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Address: Liyuan Liu Lu,Jili Industry Park,Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng Economic Developing Zone,Foshan, Guangdong No 168 Changbang Road,Zhoushi Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province 215314 P.R.China
Postal: -
Tel: 86-757-85390708
Company Profile: Itaca has a 40-year track record in inorganic pigment manufacturing and has spearheaded digital conversion in ceramic tile decoration for 20 years, with over 1500 printers currently running worldwide with its digital pigment inks. Itacas innovations have grown the company and diversified its scope. Expertise in milling and dispersing high solids for inkjet technology, a disruptive R&D aproach, excellent technical assistance and cutting-edge technological innovation, have made Itaca a benchmark in Spanish textile digital pigment printing, yielding a 65% market share of digital pigment printers in Spain in just 8 months. Itacas digital expertise enables higher ink solids content, providing outstanding colour performance and fastness, while enhancing jettability. Itaca inks are Eco-Passport by Oeko-tex compliant, a safe choice for users and respectful with the environment. Itaca is part of the Esmalglass-Itaca Group, a major player in the ceramic market, and is one of the three main
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Exhibit Product Description : Itaca provides 360 solutions for pigment digital printing. Every chemical involved, from pre-tratment to post-treatment, is manufactured and controlled in-house. Itacas colour solutions are backed up by benchmarking service, full technical assistance and expert inkjet consultancy.
The knowledge and experience obtained in milling and dispersing high solids inkjet inks has proven essential to developing Itaca pigment ink solution. The facts: 0 nozzles clogged in +10,000h operation, and +70% of Spanish pigment ink market share in less than a year.
Itaca digital pigment inks provide excellent fastness and top jetting performance for a vast colour gamut.
A safe choice for users, Itaca inks are Eco-Passport by Oeko-tex compliant, and respectful with the environment.
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