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Company Info
Address: Via Zanica 17/O Grassobbio, (BG) Italy
Postal: 24050
Tel: 39-035-3844511
Company Profile: With 70 years of innovation, research, and technological excellence, EFI Reggiani (which includes the Reggiani Macchine, Mezzera, and Jaeggli brands) is a worldwide provider of complete solutions for the textile market, with a focus on the development of sustainable processes. EFI Reggiani manufactures traditional and digital printing machines and pre-post treatment machines and delivers an overall solution for the whole textile process, starting from yarn treatment to fabric printing and finishing. EFI Reggianis innovations are the result of extensive research targeted to improve productivity and quality, optimize the textile manufacturing process, and reduce energy and water consumption, as well as environmental impact. The experience, the human resources, and technological innovations that EFI Reggiani brings to the market today make EFI Reggiani a leader for development, growth, and approach to the textile manufacturing sector.
Product Info
Exhibit Product Description : VOGUE is EFI Reggianis revolutionary cutting-edge textile printer. It masters speed and tension to ensure the most accurate fabric handling ever experienced. Plus, VOGUEs innovative ink recirculation system saves large quantities of ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages.
Whats more, VOGUE reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy.

New EFI Reggiani printing software
.Real-time image processing converts images without additional calculation
.Allows ink calculation and speed prediction before printing
.Automatically detects width of substrate, image auto centering and set margins
Advanced head electronic
.Now embedded in a fully enclosed protection cap with single cable
.Simplified print carriage layout and quick and tool free head alignment
Integrated environmental sensor
Printing server equipped-RAID 5 high-speed disks
Incorporated UPS for data security
New enhanced ink recirculation and integrated water filtration systems
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