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Address: Koepffstr. 5, D-74076 Heilbronn, Germany
Postal: -
Tel: 49-7131-15000
Company Profile: Baelz is providing textile machine makers with energy saving components and engineered systems for all kinds of heat transfer media. Baelz technologies have reached good reputation in Europe as highly energy efficient and thus saving tons of CO2 and money. One example: The steam ejector working by the principles of Baelz-vapordynamic is replacing most of the steam traps on drum dryers and providing a smooth plant operation with high efficiency and a far better temperature distribution on the length of the drum. As a component maker for control valves and controllers being having served the Asian market for more than 30 years, Baelz is continuing efforts to inform the market about the importance to use original, and not copied, goods. As copies of Baelz valves as well for hot oil and steam continue being offered, Baelz is explaining the favor to select the original made in Germany quality.
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Exhibit Product Description : Control valves for hot oil, hot water and steam, ejector and heat recovery system / energy savingcost reducing, system optimizing and pollute decreasing
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