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Address: Strada Tagliata, 18 - Alba (CN)
Postal: 12051
Tel: 39-017-314111
Company Profile: For 45 years Bianco® has been designing and manufacturing machinery with advanced technology for textile finishing, for the technical textile industry and for the non-woven sector. Founded in 1974, Bianco® is still a dynamic company, with a considerable wealth of history and professionalism. It makes use of designers with great experience, passion, absolute dedication and with unparalleled technical competence.
Product Info
Exhibit Product Description : Bianco® open-width felt compactor B-Kompact 600

Bianco® felt compactor B-Kompact 600 guarantees excellent shrinkage, improving the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics and additionally ensures an excellent handle. The use of steam heated large diameter (600 mm) cylinders, with optional diathermic oil, ensures high production speed with excellent shrinkage. Combination with the setter also allows for adjustment of the height of the fabric.

The B-Kompact 600, unique in its class, allows high production speeds with unrivalled fabric stability. Despite the range of available machines, Bianco® is the only manufacturer that offers a fully integrated Made in Bianco® line: from centring, through weftstraighteners and tenters to compactors and packing lines output after non-stop winding units.

Also available with 4.5/9/10m tenter frame: Adjusts the width of the fabric before compaction, available according to customer needs with straightener and selvedge gluer, dryer and cutter.
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