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Address: Building 2 No.128 ZhenYuan Road Baoshan District Shanghai China
Postal: -
Tel: 86-21-36160282
Company Profile: Shanghai Yuchao Electric Co., Ltd. originates from the converter business unit of Shanghai Yatai Instrument Co., Ltd. which was formed in 2002. It was dedicated in independent development of YTA, YTB, YTC, YTD and YTE series general converters and various specialized converters. The motion controllers developed by converter BU, such as fully digital servo controller for knitting machinery, specialized DC brushless controller for cone winder and general stepper motor driver, have adopted several national patents and patents for utility models. For better development, we have made our mind to invest a new company based on the converter BU and registered Shanghai Yuchao Electric Co., Ltd. which will specialized in the development of motion controllers such as converter, servo drivers, stepper motor driver and DC brushless motor controller in the year of 2014.
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Exhibit Product Description : The intelligent and high precision control system for servo transverse trajectory is a high-speed and high precision electronic thread-guides type control system for spinning machine. In addition to conventional functions such as length counting for the winding machine, broken thread detection, winding cylinder diameter detection, tension detection and communication, the system also integrates with several motion control technologies, such as high precision servo control, electronic gear and electronic cam, to realize electronic thread-guide, precise winding, digital layered winding and on-line tension control, thus to simplify the equipment, effectively improve the productivity of spinning machines and product quality. It's an improvement of traditional mechanical equipment with mechanical-electrical integration.
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