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Address: Building E, hongwei industrial zone, liuxian second road, baocheng 70, baoan district, shenzhen No.16, yuexi youxiang road, wuzhong district, suzhou city
Postal: -
Tel: 86-755-29799595
Company Profile: The Inovance Group is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions. The company was founded in 2003 in Shenzhen, China. Inovance's flexible production techniques and expert understanding of all industry sectors from elevators to plastics to electric vehicles to robotics has allowed the company to establish globally leading industry-specific business units. For example, Inovance's elevator and escalator business unit Monarch is one of the world's largest suppliers of elevator and escalator control solutions. Inovance invests 10% of revenues in R&D and employs 800 engineers focused on three areas: core technologies, product development and industrial applications. The group uses a uniquely rigorous engineering process that incorporates advanced design modelling,performance analysis and quality assurance techniques. R&D teams carry out significant integrity testing of all technologies in-house.
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Exhibit Product Description : S5 Electric spinning machine system solution Fancy spinning:
improved the rigidity of motorthe response of acceleration and deceleration is fast, and the system instruction is followed quickly to meet the requirements of fancy spinning.
precision winder system solution
Enable the traverse winding mechanism to keep the winding angle constant, and allow an evenly distributed package without fiber folding, hump or ribbon yarns.
Textile AJ200-Q5-Integrated electronic control system of air jet looms Supports weft density adjustment, empty weft and weft stop prying functions. The tension can be converged rapidly to ensure quality offabrics.
Stenter setting machine system solution
The book type VFD design, space saving 50%, distribution cost saving 50%, wire connect work saving 50%;
Solutions to multi-bar warp knitting machine system
Computerized multi-bar warp knitting machine system: all-electric system, applicable to multiple kinds of patterns with large cap acity.
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