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LMW Textile Machinery (Su Zhou) Co. LTD.

Booth Number: E1G01
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Address : Ye Gang Road South, Tong Jin Avenue Wu Jiang Economic Development Zone, Su Zhou
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Tel : 86-512-63912800
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Product Info
Exhibit Product Description : LMW is the leading manufacturer for super long ring frame globally (more than 1632 spindle machines). Super Long Frame ring frame provide following advantages
Lower investment cost in Land and Building ( less space required as compared to normal long frame more than 1200 Spindle)
Lower Cost for automation ( less no of machines for the same spindles)
Lower investment cost in Humidification & Lighting
Less Manpower due to less patrolling distance with use of E-Bikes

Products available for Chinese market

Ring Frame LR9 AX / AXL up to 1824 Spindle machine
Ring Frame LR9 AX / AXL + S DRAFT up to 1824 Spindle machine
Speed Frame LF4200 AX up to 240 Spindle machine
Draw Frame LDF3 Auto leveling Draw Frame
Contact Us:-
Mobile :- 18012768624 / 18012768638
Product Category :
Ring-spinning frames for cotton spinning system
Ring-spinning frames for other spinning processes
Flyer spinning frames
Other spinning machines
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