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ShanghaiTex 2011 –A Shining Platform for the Rejuvenated Textile Industry

According to the official statistics, in Jan – June 2010, total export and import value of textile machinery was USD 2.659 billion, increased by 51% compared to the same period last year (i.e. 2009). Among that, the export value accounted for USD776 million while the import value was USD1.883 billion, showing year-on-year rise of 38% and 56% respectively. The growth rates record an increase of 70% and 106 % respectively in comparison to last year, providing an ironic fact that the recovery of textile industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Tremendous Support From Renowned Worldwide Brands

The robust demand from both the international market and the domestic market accelerates the exhibitors’ recruitment process of the 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2011), which will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai during June 14 – 17, 2011. The exhibition has continued to enjoy overwhelming responses from exhibitors, especially in the “Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone”, which has been fully booked and reserved by renowned industry players, on top of Italy’s Santoni, Germany’s H. Stoll, Germany’s Groz Beckert, Singapore’s Falmac Machinery, Conti Complett, Japan’s Shima Seiki; established companies such as Nan Sing, Ningbo Yuren have also confirmed their participation.

Apart from the “Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone”, other zones also receive positive feedbacks from well-known companies. To name a few, Hong Kong’s Fong's, Gofront, Germany’s Thies, Denmark’s Danfoss, Italy’s Brazzoli participate in “Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery & Textile Chemicals Zone”. Mazuoli, Itema Savio join at “Spinning, Nonwoven & Techtextile Machinery Zone”. Switzerland’s Jakob Mueller, Runyuan, Karl Mayer exhibit at “Warp-Knitting, Embroidery & Weaving Machinery Zone”.

The booming response can be further explained by the encouraging export data in different categories in the textile machinery and the related industry. The top export value of its kind is knitting machinery which reached USD217million, contributing to 28% of the total, followed by auxiliary device & spare parts, printing, dyeing & finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, spinning machinery, weaving machinery, non-woven machinery, weaving preparatory machinery. The weaving preparatory machinery sector, it shows a year-on-year rise of 226 %. The data further proves why ShanghaiTex has received overwhelming support in the 2011 edition.

A Showcase of the Latest Technology by Renowned Exhibitors

ShanghaiTex aims to promote textile trade and technology through its unique exhibition platform. With the goal to further enhance the know-how of the textile industry, the organizers have collaborated with key exhibiting enterprises to hold the fashion parade concurrently onsite.

Exhibitors, such as Germany’s H. Stoll – an established German company specializing in producing flat knitting machines for more than 135 years; Hong Kong’s Chemtax--the agent of leading European textile machineries brands; Italy’s Santoni S.P.A--- the worldwide leader of seamless underwear machineries; Japan’s Shima Seiki – one of the world’s manufacturer of computerized flatbed knitting machines, will join hands to present the latest technology and newest materials to demonstrate the development and the achievements of the industry.

Since its debut in 1984, ShanghaiTex’s unique national brand with modern management has further strengthened its pioneering role in textile industry. It is expected that the exhibition area will be over 92,000 sqm and more than 1,000 local and overseas exhibitors will participate. To facilitate buyers’ sourcing and create business networking opportunity at one place, 5 theme zones will be set up.

ShanghaiTex 2011 Marks the Sign of Global Economic Recovery

Having over 26 years of history, the forthcoming 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (SHANGHAITEX 2011) will be staged again at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai during June 14 – 17, 2011.

SHANGHAITEX is a biennial event taking place in Shanghai every odd-numbered year. For the coming attraction, the show will occupy 8 exhibition halls, covering several theme zones namely “Knitting & Hosiery Machinery”; “Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery”; “Textile Chemicals; Spinning, Nonwoven & Techtextile Machinery”; “Weaving Machinery and Spare Parts & Accessories”. This year, Warp-Knitting & Embroidery Machinery Zone will be newly set up in response to the raising support and demand from industry.

The strong confidence of textile machinery makers on ShanghaiTex and the long-term prospects of the textile industry in Asia is evident from the overwhelming response of booth application by exhibitors. The organizers are glad to announce that the Knitting Section is almost fully booked by renowned industry players such as Hong Kong’s Chemtax Industrial Company Ltd, Sinotech Asia Ltd, Germany’s H. Stoll GMBH & Co. KG, Switzerland’s Grob Textile AG, Singapore’s Falmac Machinery (Tianjin) Ltd, Italy’s Santoni S.P.A, L.G.L.,BTSR International S.P.A and Conti Complett S.P.A, Japan’s Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd and other reputable local and abroad companies.
For the Dyeing and Finishing Sector, reputable companies including Fong’s, Thies, Danfoss, X-rite, Asia Kingdom, Gofront, Starlam, SDL, Zimmer, Schneider, Setex and Siltex etc have either confirmed or reserved their exhibition booths at ShanghaiTex 2011.

The good response from worldwide companies echoes the fact that the textile industry has been recovering in an upward spiral trend. Textile industry has suffered in the previous year due to global financial crisis, but with the support of China government in past year and the hints of worldwide economic recovery recently, it is observed that the industry is picking up gradually.

According to the figures of China Customs, export of textile products and apparel reached USD70.21 billion in Jan-May 2010, increased by 19.3% comparing with the same period of last year. Among that, the export amount of textile products and apparel reached USD28.56 billion & USD41.65 billion respectively, representing a 29.7% & 13.1% growth respectively than the same period of last year.

Mr Stanley Chu, Chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Organizer of ShanghaiTex 2011, said, “Customers join the exhibition for its benefit and the business potential that could be captured at the show. Therefore, we endeavor to attract more buyers via extensive promotions in order to build an effective business platform for our customers.”

Last edition held in 2009, the show was supported by 16 provinces in China, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Henan, Guangdong, Shandong, Guizhou, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Hubei, etc. Nearly 20 local and overseas textile associations organized buyer delegations to the show, such as Indian Textile Confederation, Indonesia Textile Association, Japan Fiber Association, Korea Textile and Apparel Association, etc.

Being the long-standing exhibition in China, ShanghaiTex is rooted in Shanghai with influences spanning over China since 1984. Benefited from the recovery of textile industry and the surging demand, ShanghaiTex2011 is expecting an exhibition area of over 92,000sqm and the participation of 1,000 exhibitors.

Sponsored by Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Corporation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council and China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, ShanghaiTex is organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Co Ltd., Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Centre and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

For more information, please visit the official website of Shanghaitex 2011: www.shanghaitexonline.com

與時俱進 匯聚商機
ShanghaiTex 2011 —— 爲復蘇中的紡織工業提供的星級平台


緊隨著紡織業復蘇勢頭,於2011年6月14-17日在上海新國際博覽中心舉行的第15屆上海國際紡織工業展覽會 (簡稱「ShanghaiTex 2011」)在國內外市場強勁需求下,展位元預訂速度加快,目前形勢喜人,由於企業回應熱烈,「針織及織襪機械專區」的展位已將近賣光,除了已報名的海外知名企業:意大利聖東尼、德國斯托爾、德國格羅茨 -貝克特、新加坡泛馬機械(天津)、Conti Complett S.P.A、日本島精機外,南星工業機械、寧波裕人等亦已確定參展。

除「針織及織襪機械專區」外,其他專區亦獲得多間知名供應商大力支持,如「印花、染色、後整理機械及紡織化學品專區」有:香港立信、德國逖斯、丹麥丹佛斯、德國高勳、意大利巴佐里等。「紡紗、非織造布及産業用布機械專區」有:東台馬佐里、薩維奧等。「經編機、繡花機及織造機械專區」有:瑞士約科布.繆勒、潤源、Karl Mayer等。

此外,中國海關統計紡機出口資料更進一步證實國內外知名企業熱烈參與展會的情況:針織機械出口額爲2.17億美元,占比28%,位居第一,其他排名依次爲輔助裝置及零配件、印染及後整理機械、化纖機械、紡紗機械、織機、非織造布機械和織造準備機械等,其中織造準備機械同比增長226%。 ShanghaiTex 2011大受支援及歡迎的現象顯而易見。


自1984年首辦以來,上海國際紡織工業展覽會屹立中國三十年,是中國歷史最悠久,具有先進管理的民族品牌的紡織工業展,進一步強化在紡織工業發展中先鋒的地位。「ShanghaiTex 2011」預計展覽面積將超過92,000平方米,和超過1000多家本土及海外的參展商將參加。同時,展會將設5大主題區,爲買家提供一站式的採購和交流平台。
ShanghaiTex 2011見證全球經濟復蘇

展會銷情熱烈, 反映紡織機製造商對ShanghaiTex及亞洲紡織業長遠發展前景充滿信心, 據主辦單位宣佈,針織機械專區展位將近爆滿,已給多間知名企業預留,包括:香港中大、聖東尼亞洲、德國斯托爾、瑞士格羅、新加坡泛馬機械(天津)、意大利聖東尼、BTSR International S.P.A、Conti Complett S.P.A、日本島精機及其它本地和海外的知名企業。



根據中國海關總署資料統計,2010年1-5月紡織品和服裝出口到達了702.1億美元,同比增長19.3%。當中,紡織品和服裝出口數量達到285.6億美元和416.5億美元,比去年同期分別增長了29.7% 和13.1%。

ShanghaiTex2011的主辦單位之一 ——香港雅式展覽服務有限公司主席朱裕倫先生說:「參展商希望透過參展發掘由主辦方創造的商機及獲得訂單, 因此,我們會盡最大努力廣泛地推廣展會以吸引更多買家前來參觀,從而爲我們的客戶打造一個最有效的商貿平台。」





与时俱进 汇聚商机
ShanghaiTex 2011 —— 为复苏中的纺织工业提供的星级平台


紧随着纺织业复苏势头,于2011年6月14-17日在上海新国际博览中心举行的第15届上海国际纺织工业展览会 (简称「ShanghaiTex 2011」)在国内外市场强劲需求下,展位预订速度加快,目前形势喜人,由于企业响应热烈,「针织及织袜机械专区」的展位已将近卖光,除了已报名的海外知名企业:意大利圣东尼、德国斯托尔、德国格罗茨 -贝克特、新加坡泛马机械(天津)、Conti Complett S.P.A、日本岛精机外,南星工业机械、宁波裕人等亦已确定参展。

除「针织及织袜机械专区」外,其它专区亦获得多间知名供应商大力支持,如「印花、染色、后整理机械及纺织化学品专区」有:香港立信、德国逖斯、丹麦丹佛斯、德国高勋、意大利巴佐里等。「纺纱、非织造布及产业用布机械专区」有:东台马佐里、萨维奥等。「经编机、绣花机及织造机械专区」有:瑞士约科布.缪勒、润源、Karl Mayer等。

此外,中国海关统计纺机出口数据更进一步证实国内外知名企业热烈参与展会的情况:针织机械出口额为2.17亿美元,占比28%,位居第一,其它排名依次为辅助装置及零配件、印染及后整理机械、化纤机械、纺纱机械、织机、非织造布机械和织造准备机械等,其中织造准备机械同比增长226%。 ShanghaiTex 2011大受支持及欢迎的现象显而易见。


自1984年首办以来,上海国际纺织工业展览会屹立中国三十年,是中国历史最悠久,具有先进管理的民族品牌的纺织工业展,进一步强化在纺织工业发展中先锋的地位。「ShanghaiTex 2011」预计展览面积将超过92,000平方米,和超过1000多家本土及海外的参展商将参加。同时,展会将设5大主题区,为买家提供一站式的采购和交流平台。

ShanghaiTex 2011见证全球经济复苏

展会销情热烈, 反映纺织机制造商对ShanghaiTex及亚洲纺织业长远发展前景充满信心, 据主办单位宣布,针织机械专区展位将近爆满,已给多间知名企业预留,包括:香港中大、圣东尼亚洲、德国斯托尔、瑞士格罗、新加坡泛马机械(天津)、意大利圣东尼、BTSR International S.P.A、Conti Complett S.P.A、日本岛精机及其它本地和海外的知名企业。



根据中国海关总署数据统计,2010年1-5月纺织品和服装出口到达了702.1亿美元,同比增长19.3%。当中,纺织品和服装出口数量达到285.6亿美元和416.5亿美元,比去年同期分别增长了29.7% 和13.1%。

ShanghaiTex2011的主办单位之一 ——香港雅式展览服务有限公司主席朱裕伦先生说:「参展商希望透过参展发掘由主办方创造的商机及获得订单, 因此,我们会尽最大努力广泛地推广展会以吸引更多买家前来参观,从而为我们的客户打造一个最有效的商贸平台。」





The 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry

Date: 2011.6.14 – 17
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Where we create values and opportunities
The International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex) is the most historical and professional exhibition of the kind in China and possesses its unique national brand. Since its inauguration in 1984, ShanghaiTex stages every 2 years in Shanghai with its dedication in delivering the best trading and information exchanging platform for the manufacturers of both textile machinery and textile products, facilitating industrial development with influences spanning over not only within China but also the world.
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Show Press Release
Successful Conclusion of ShanghaiTex 2011
Enhancement & Transformation of Enterprises through Effective Business Platform
Date: 22/07/2011
Being the long-standing textile machinery exhibition, the 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2011) ended successfully on June 17, 2011 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai. ShanghaiTex 2011, focusing on the innovation, upgrading and transformati...[Full Text]
ShanghaiTex 2011 Opens with 1,000 Exhibitors
- Strengthening the Transformation in Textile Industry through Showcasing Market Desired Machinery and Parts
Date: 14/06/2011
The biennial premiere textile event, the 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2011) opens today at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai. The 4-day show will open from June 14th to 17th, 2011 and is expected to attract 50,000 trade visitors, including 6,0...[Full Text]
ShanghaiTex 2011 -
Concurrent Events and Highlighted Exhibitors at a Glance
Date: 09/06/2011
The 15th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2011) has received overwhelming responses since the beginning of exhibitors' recruitment. The exhibition is less than 1 week ahead and will be staged at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai during June 14 - 17, 2...[Full Text]

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